How To Solve Brother DCP L2540DW Printer Offline?

Follow The Troubleshooting Steps

Sometimes, the Brother DCP L2540DW Printer Offline. In certain other situations, it might be in the paused state. When the printer status is offline or paused, it will not be able to print anything. This scenario might be particularly annoying if you are trying to print something critical and your printer refuses to function.On this page, we’ll discuss the problems due to which the Brother DCP L2540DW Printer Goes Offline. Based on these issues, we shall try some troubleshooting methods to fix the offline problem.


Techniques To Fix Brother DCP L2540DW Offline Problem:

First, confirm that the printer is powered on and there are no errors. To check if there are any error messages, you have to look at the printer’s LCD. Some examples of common error messages are “Ink/Toner Empty,” or “Paper Jam.” If you find such a message on the LCD, troubleshoot it to clear the offline issue.

  • If the above steps do not help in getting the printer back online, ensure that the printer is connected to your computer. In case you are using a USB cable to connect both these devices, ensure that the cable has been securely connected at both the ends. Connect it directly to your computer instead of using a hub.
  • If the above step also fails to fix the Brother DCP L2540DW Printer Going Offline problem, make sure that your printer has been selected as the default one. If you are using a Windows computer, you can achieve this task by navigating to the printer folder, opening it, and confirming that there is a checkmark on the printer icon.
  • If you find that the offline problem persists, go to the Devices and Printers window and try deleting all the print jobs from there.
Brother DCP L2540DW Printer Offline

Continue with the following steps if the Brother DCP L2540DW Printer Offline even now.

Brother DCP L2540DW Offline


 Disable Use Printer Offline

If the problem persists even after deleting the print jobs, check if the printer status is offline in the same Devices and Printers window and continue with the steps to fix the Brother DCP-L2540DW printer keeps going offline problem.

  • If you are using a Mac computer, confirm that you are using the correct driver for your printer. In case you are already utilizing the correct printer driver and the problem remains, try checking whether there are any wireless network issues (if you have connected the printer to a wireless network). If you find that a wireless network issue is behind the printer offline problem, try fixing the network issue.
  • Now, check if your Brother printer returns online. By now, it should get back to the online condition and also be able to print properly.
  • You have now successfully fixed the Brother DCP L2540DW Printer Offline problem.