How To Fix Canon Mx350 Printer Offline Issue?

Follow The Troubleshooting Steps

If you see the Printer is Offline message while printing from your computer, it indicates that the problem is mainly with the connection. To resolve  the Canon MX350 printer offline  problem, perform the following simple troubleshooting steps.


Basic troubleshooting

  • Check if the printer’s power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet. 
  • Ensure that the Canon MX350 printer is turned on. If your printer is not powered up, press the  Power
  • The USB cable might not be properly connected between the printer and your computer.
  • In such a case, disconnect the USB cable from the printer and computer.
  • Now, reestablish the connection between thedevices using the USB cable.
  • If needed, connect the USB cable to a different USB port on the computer.
Basic troubleshooting

If the  Canon MX350 printer offline problem persists, use a new USB cable for the connection.

Change printer settings


Change printer settings

  • To open the  Run box on your Windows computer, press the  Win  and  R  keys together.
  • In the  Open bar, type  control printers  and then click the  OK 
  • Instead of clicking the  OK button, you can press the  Enter  key on the keyboard.
  • Right-click the  Canon MX350 printer icon and click the  See what’s printing 
  • Disable the Use Printer Offline feature - In the  Printer  tab, if you see the  Use Printer Offline  option is selected, remove the checkmark next to it.
  • Clear the print jobs - To delete all the print jobs, choose the  Cancel All Documents
  • Set as default printer - If you have added multiple printers on the computer, set  Canon MX350  as the default printer by selecting the  Set as Default Printer

Now, check if the  Canon MX350 printer offline problem has been resolved. If not, perform the steps given below.


Restart the Print Spooler service

  • Enter  services in the Windows search box.
  • Right-click  Print Spooler and click the  Restart
  • Again, right-click  Print Spooler . Choose the  Properties
  • Click the  Startup type menu and select the  Automatic
  • Click the  OK button in the  Print Spooler Properties  dialog window.


Reinstall the Canon printer software

  • Enter  msc and click the  OK  button in the  Run  box.
  • Right-click the  Canon MX350 printer under the  Print queues
  • Choose the Uninstall device
  • Download the printer software from the manufacturer website and install it on the computer.

Now, check if the  Canon MX350 printer offline problem has been resolved. If needed, get help from our technical experts.