Canon MX920 Printer Offline On Mac

Get Back Canon MX920 Printer Online

Canon MX920 Printer Offline On Mac at a crucial time can be frustrating and can also delay your job. Understand the causes of printer turning offline and get rid of the issue by following the steps and methods provided on this page. Read and execute the instructions below.

Canon MX920 Printer Offline On Mac

The Canon MX920 Printer Offline issue mostly occurs due to:

When your printer cannot communicate with the computer, you need to check the USB cable connected to the printer and the computer.

If you have a wireless printer, then navigate to Set up mode > Network Settings > Confirm network settings. It will show you the network setting's current status; you can then print a status sheet. Examine the status sheet and the detailed breakdown of your connection and troubleshoot the issue.

Follow the methods to fix the Canon MX920 Printer Turning Offline :


Set Canon MX920 As Default Printer

  • On your computer, launch the Search icon and enter Device .
  • Select the Device and Printer option and right-click on the printer's icon .
  • Select the Set as Default Printer option from the drop-down list.
  • Run a test print and check whether the problem is resolved. If the issue persists, then carry-on to the next step.


Turn Canon MX920 Printer Online

  • On your computer, launch the Start menu and navigate to the Device and Printer option.
  • Right-click on the Canon printer's icon and choose the See what's printing option in the drop-down list.
  • Click on the Printer tab and uncheck the Use Printer Offline  option.


Reset Canon MX920

  • Turn on your Canon printer and navigate to the Menu  option.
  • Select the Setup option from the menu.
  • Access the directional arrows until you navigate to Device Settings.
  • Under the Device settings, select the Reset settings option to reset your Canon printer.
  • Press the Reset All option and complete the process.
  • Now check your Canon MX920 Printer.
Canon MX920 Reset Printer

Check whether the Canon MX920 Printer Offline On Mac issue is resolved. If not, then click on the Call button to contact our support team for any assistance.