Troubleshoot Canon Printer Printer Offline Issue

Do these checks initially:

When you try to perform some work, such as print wirelessly from your Canon printer, you might encounter an offline problem. Don’t worry. You can resolve this problem by following the solutions mentioned in this article.

Quick fix:

At first, try to check your printer’s power cable. Ensure that it is securely connected at both ends. If not, disconnect and reconnect the power cable. Later, turn on the printer. It resolves the problem.

Follow the solutions given below:

If your printer is offline, try to check whether your printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network. If not, connect them again and check the network name. Here’s how to reconnect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi.

  • At first, disconnect your wireless router and reconnect it to your Canon printer.
  • On your printer control panel, navigate to the Wireless Setup wizard and connect your Canon printer and computer wirelessly. Try to follow the on-screen instructions. It is applicable only when you prefer using a wireless connection method.
  • Now, your printer is connected to Wi-Fi again.
Canon Printer Connected To Wifi But Offline

Perform the following methods one-by-one until the error Canon Printer offline gets resolved.

Advance methods

Resolve The issue


Try disabling the Use Printer Offline option:

  • On your computer, you can navigate to the Devices and Printers section.
  • Find and right-click your Brother printer’s icon.
  • Select See what’s printing.
  • At the top-left corner, select the Printer menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, deselect the Use Printer Offline option. Now, try reconnecting your Canon printer to Wi-Fi again.


Try to restart your printer spooler:

    If your Canon printer is still offline, you can try this solution to fix the problem. Here’s how to restart the printer spooler.

  • On your computer keyboard, press the Windows key and the R key together. The Run dialog box opens now.
  • In the Run dialog box, type the required command to open the Services window and then hit the Enter key.
  • In the Services window, you can right-click on Printer Spooler and then click Restart.
  • Later, click the Printer Spooler again and then select Properties.
  • Now, set the Start Type as Automatic from the drop-down menu.
  • Click OK. The settings will be saved.
  • You can now restart your computer and check whether your Canon printer offline error is resolved or not.


Additional solutions to fix this issue:

  • Try to reinstall your Canon printer driver and then check whether the problem is fixed or not.


Try updating the driver:

As your printer driver manages the communication between your printer and computer, it is necessary to update the printer driver very often. It fixes the problem. Here’s how to update your Canon printer driver.

  • On your computer, navigate to Device Manager.
  • Browse for the device that you want to update the driver, and then right-click the device icon or the device’s name.
  • Choose Update Driver.
  • In the Update Driver wizard, you can choose the following options:
  • Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Browse my computer for driver software
  • After selecting the desired option, try to complete the on-screen instructions.
  • Finally, click Close.

You can now close the Device Manager. Later, reboot your computer and check if the problem is resolved or not. Hopefully, you’ve learned how to resolve the Canon printer connected to Wi-Fi but offline issue.