Fixed: HP Photosmart C7200 Printer Offline Issue

Follow The Troubleshooting Steps

If you see the Printer offline or Offline message, your printer cannot print from your computer for various reasons. To resolve the HP Photosmart C7200 printer offline problem, carry out the simple troubleshooting steps given on this page.


On Windows:

Use the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool

  • Download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor
  • After the installation, open the tool and click the Start
  • Choose the HP Photosmart C7200
  • Note:If you cannot see your printer’s name in the list, turn off your printer. Once you turn on the printer, click the Retry option on your computer’s screen.
  • Select theYes option twice.
HP Photosmart C7200 Printer Offline Issue

Print again and check if theHP Photosmart C7200 printer offline problem has been resolved. If not, proceed further.


Windows 10:

Set your default printer

  • Press the Winkey, enter devices, and click the Printers & scanners
  • Now, deselect the Let Windows manage my default printer
  • Once you select your printer, click the Managebutton
  • select the Set as default


Windows 8 or 7:

Set your default printer

  • In the Windows search box, enter devices and click the Devices and Printers
  • Right-click your printer name and choose the Set as default printer
  • If theHP Photosmart C7200 printer offline problem is not resolved, go to the next solution.


Check for the printer port and Windows service status

  • Launch the Devices and Printerscreen on your Windows computer.
  • Once you right-click your printer icon, choose the Printer Properties
  • In the Ports tab, check if the printer uses a WSD port.
  • If so, open the Services
  • Right-click the Function Discovery Provider Host service and click Properties.
  • Make sure the service is running. Also, ensure that the Startup Typefield is set to Automatic.
  • Do the same for the Function Discovery Resource Publication
  • If the problem is not resolved, print a network configuration report.
  • Once done, go back to the Devices and Printer
  • Right-click your printer, click Printer Properties, navigate to the Ports
  • Click the Add Portbutton and select the Standard TCP/IP Port option followed by the New Port. Use the information listed on the network configuration report to add a new port.

Now, check if theHP Photosmart C7200 printer's offline problem has been resolved.


On Mac:

  • Ensure that your printer is powered up.
  • Also, check if you have loaded enough paper into the input tray.
  • Make sure all the ink cartridges are installedcorrectly in the printer.
  • If you see any LCD screen error messages, resolve them first.
  • Turn off your printer and wait for a minute.
HP Photosmart C7200 Printer Offline Issue

Power up the printer and check if the HP Photosmart C7200 printer offline problem has been resolved. If not, continue with the steps given here.

Reset The Printer


Reset the printing system

  • On the desktop of your Mac computer, click the Applelogo on the top of the screen.
  • Choose the System Preferencesoption and select the Print & Fax, Print & Scan, or Printers & Scanners
  • Right-click anywhere on the screen and click the Reset printing system
  • To confirm the same, click the Reset
  • When a prompt message appears, type your administrator name and password in the appropriate fields.
  • Once you click theOK button, the printing system resets. 

Add your printer and check if theHP Photosmart C7200 printer offline problem has been resolved. If required, contact our technical expertsfor assistance.