HP Envy 7155 Printer Offline

The HP Envy 7155 printer uses the HP Thermal Inkjet technology to perform the print operation. This is a three-in-one printer that allows you to perform printer-related operations over a wireless, wired, or USB cable connection. This article explains how to troubleshoot the HP Envy 7155 printer offline issue. The printer connected to a computer going offline is a common problem encountered by most people. You can resolve this issue easily by performing some basic checks. 

Basic checks to resolve the HP Envy 7155 printer offline issue:

  • Check whether your HP Envy 7155 printer is turned on.
  • Make sure that your computer and the printer are connected either using a USB cable or over a network.
  • Check whether the HP Envy 7155 printer is set as the default printer on your computer.
  • Make sure that the latest version of the printer driver is installed on your computer.
  • Restart your printer and the computer.
HP Envy 7155 Printer Offline

Continue with the following steps if the HP Envy 7155 Printer Offline even now.

Check for the printer port


Method 1: Disable the Sleep mode

  • Check the status of your printer on its display.
  • If the status is displayed as Sleep, then wake your printer by pressing the Power button available on its control panel.
  • Make sure that the input tray is installed properly.
  • Similarly, check if the cartridges are installed correctly.
  • If not, reinstall them and check if the printer turns online.

If still the HP Envy 7155 Printer Offline now, you can get in touch with our technical experts for more solutions and assistance.


Method 2: Run the HP Smart app

  • Launch the HP Smart app on your Mac computer.
  • If you haven’t installed the app, download and install it. Then continue the following instructions.
  • Make sure that your HP Envy 7155 printer is selected.
  • Click on the Printers tab.
  • Choose the Diagnose & Fix option from the menu list.
  • Initiate the troubleshooting by clicking on the Start button. 
  • Perform the on-screen instructions to fix the HP Envy 7155 printer offline issue.
  • when the Test Print button is displayed on the screen, click on it.

Check if the HP Envy 7155 printer offline issue is resolved. If not, reset the printer settings.


Method 3: Reset the printer settings

  • Open the System Preferences window.
  • Click on the Printers & Scanners or Print & Scan option.
  • Now, the corresponding window will open.
  • Make sure that your printer is selected. You can find the Offline command below your printer’s name.
  • Right-click anywhere inside the Printers & Scanners window.
  • Select the Reset printing system option displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the Reset option.
  • Now, if prompted, type your Mac computer’s admin credentials in the given fields.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Once the printer settings have been reset, reconfigure them and then perform the print operation.

If the HP Envy 7155 printer is still offline, contact us for more assistance.