Hp Laserjet Pro M126nw Printer Offline

Follow The Steps Solve Hp Laserjet Pro M126nw Printer Offline

The HP LaserJet Pro M126NW printer offline issue is pretty common and you can easily fix it. On this page, we have given two methods to solve this printer offline problem-one is using HP Print and Scan Doctor and the other method is manually clearing this issue. Follow each and every step on this page to clear the HP LaserJet Pro M126NW printer offline issue.

Hp Laserjet Pro M126nw Printer Offline


Basic printer check-up:

  • Press the Power button and turn off the printer (if it is turned on).
  • Remove the power cord from the printer.
  • Wait for a minute and connect the power cord to the printer.
  • Now, press the Power button and turn on the HP printer.
  • Make sure that the printer is placed near the router.
  • Uninstall the old printer driver.
  • Now, you need to download and install the latest printer driver from the HP official website.


Clear printer offline issue using HP Print and Scan Doctor:

  • On Windows, download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool from the HP official website.
  • Launch the software and then click Start.
  • Make sure that your HP printer and the computer are connected to the same network.
  • Next, select your printer from the list; if not, click on My product is not listed. Now, check the printer's wired or wireless connection.
  • Follow the instructions in the tool, select the printer, and then click Next.
  • In the next window, click Fix Printing.
  • The HP Print and Scan Doctor tool will automatically search and fix all the printer errors like offline printer problem, not printing issue, etc.
  • Once all the errors are cleared, click Test Print and check if the printer prints normally.


Alternative method to clear printer offline issue:

  • Make sure that the HP printer is turned ON.
  • On the Windows computer (that is connected to the printer), click the Start icon and then click the Settings icon.
  • In the Settings window, click the Devices option.
  • On the Devices settings screen, click Printers and scanners.
  • Search for your HP printer in the Printers and scanners window.
  • Next, select your printer and then click Open queue.
  • Now, a new dialog box will appear, click the Printer tab.
  • In the Printer tab, deselect the Use Printer Offline and Pause Printingoptions.
  • If the printer is not set as the default machine, your printer icon will be gray and you can’t print from the HP printer. So, right-click on the printer icon and choose the Set As Default Printer option.
  • Finally, restart the printer.
  • Now, check if the offline problem is resolved. By now, it should be fixed.