Solved: HP Laserjet Pro Printer Offline

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If HP Laserjet Pro Printer Offline issue occurs continuously, then try the simple troubleshooting methods given below to fix it.

Note: The following methods are suitable only for the Windows OS.

Simple solution

HP Laserjet Pro Printer Offline

Advanced method


Disabling the Smart Install option

If the Smart Install option is enabled on your HP LaserJet Pro printer, then there is a chance for the HP Laserjet Pro Printer Offline issue to occur. To disable this option, follow the instructions given here.

  • Select the Service menu from your printer's home screen.
  • Locate and select the Smart Install option.
  • Now, disable this option by selecting Off beside it.
  • After disabling the Smart Install option, restart your Windows computer and print a test page.

If the printer performs the print operation successfully, then it means the HP Laserjet Pro Printer Offline error is resolved. Otherwise, perform the next method.


Performing the power reset

  • Restart your HP LaserJet Pro printer.
  • If the printer status is offline even after restarting the printer, then perform the power reset by following the below instructions.
  • Turn off your printer completely. Unplug the power cable from the printer.
  • Leave the printer disconnected from the power source for 60 seconds.
  • After waiting for 60 seconds, reconnect the cable and turn on the printer.


Checking the connection status (for wireless only)

  • Ensure that your printer is connected to an active network.
  • Restart your router or access point.
  • Check to make sure that your printer is placed closer to the router.
  • If you have placed any electromagnetic device in between the printer and your router, then remove and then perform the connectivity process.


Using the HP diagnosis tool 'HP Print & Scan Doctor'

  • Download and run the HP Print & Scan Doctor tool on your Windows computer.
  • Make sure that your HP LaserJet Pro printer is turned on.
  • When prompted, select your HP LaserJet Pro printer and click on the Fix printing button.
  • Complete the HP Laserjet Pro Printer Offline issue by following the on-screen instructions.


Set the printer as the default

If the HP LaserJet Pro printer that you are using for the print operation is not set as the default, then there is a chance for the printer issue to occur. To set the printer as default, perform the following instructions.

  • Open the Printers & Scanners window on your Windows computer.
  • Select the printer for which you are encountering the offline issue .
  • click on the Manage button beside it.
  • In the Manage your device window, click on the Set as default button.

Now, check if the 'HP Laserjet Pro Printer Offline' issue is resolved. If not, contact us.