How to Solve HP Printer Offline iPhone?

HP P_rinter offline - Troubleshooting Steps

HP printers are popular for their efficiency and ease-of-use. people all over the world. The brand name speaks for itself. However, there are certain times when users encounter problems while using or trying to print from their HP printers and the major problem is the HP Printer Offline iPhone. At times, people might lose the ability to print from their iPhones to their HP printers. Your printer’s wireless report would say that your printer is “offline.” In worst cases, you would not be having any option on the touchscreen of the printer to get it back online. In such a scenario, you would be left wondering what might be the reason for the problem that results in your HP printer keeps going offline on your iPhone. You might also be struggling to resolve the issue. Now, try the following solution to fix the problem. This has worked wonders for many users. 

HP Printer Offline Issue On iPhone


Steps To Fix HP Printer Offline Issue On iPhone

  • The problem mentioned above might arise with HP printers that are AirPrint-compatible. It can also pop up with printers that are not AirPrint-compatible.
  • If your HP printer is AirPrint-compatible, and AirPrint has got some difficulty in reaching your printer, it could lead to the HP printer going offline on your iPhone. To fix the problem, carry out the following instructions.
HP Printer Offline iPhone

Continue with the following steps if the HP Printer Offline iPhone even now.