Quick Steps To Fix Oki Printer Offline Mac

Get Bsck Oki Printer Online On Mac

Oki printers are known for their all-in-one functionality with a good feature set and a solid output quality at a reasonable running cost. Most Oki printers provide standard connectivity options, like USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and readily support mobile printing using Apple AirPrint and Mopria. Over the years, Oki printers have been recognized for their vibrant and fantastic color prints. But like other printers, this printer can also cause abrupt issues due to some known or unknown actions, which we do in our day-to-day usage. Usually, the Oki Printer Offline Mac issue is caused by an error on your computer or the Oki printer, but there are many more reasons for the occurrence of the error, which we will discuss in the below sections. Once you come to know the root cause of the Oki printer offline error, you need to sort out the printer problem as soon as possible for your printer's long-lasting life. Let us see in detail about the Oki Printer Offline Keeps Going Offline On Mac issue in the sections below.

In this article, we have described the steps and methods to troubleshoot the Oki Printer Offline Mac issue.

Some of the common causes for printer offline error:

  • It is always recommended to set your Oki printer as the default one. Failing to do so can display the Oki printer offline message on the screen.
  • Check if the ink cartridges are appropriately installed.
  • Some of the other reasons might be: A damaged USB cable, an issue with the print function, an issue with the print spooler service, and so on.
  • Sometimes, the error could be caused by a paper jam. However, the error message can also occur due to your printer driver or software.
  • This problem restricts you from performing your printing tasks. But we are available to help you, and we will be telling you the quick and reliable hacks that will solve your Oki printer offline issue on Mac.


Fixing Oki Printer Offline Mac Issue:

  • Open your Mac computer, and click on the Apple menu. A small drop-down menu will open up. Here, click on the System Preferences option, and then click on the Print & Fax icon.
  • Now, choose the Oki printer in the Default Printer box. If your Oki printer is already set as the default one, then right-click on it and select the ‘See what’s printing' option.
  • If you see any unfinished tasks, then kindly remove them from the list.
  • If you use a USB cable to connect the Oki printer to your computer, then check whether the cable is connected properly and ensure that you have connected through a working USB port.
  • If your Oki printer is connected over a wireless network, then ensure that the computer and the Oki printer are connected on the same network, and the router should be in a working state. These steps should help solve the problem due to which your Oki printer goes offline on Mac.
Oki Printer Offline Mac

Continue with the following steps if the Oki Printer Offline Mac even now.


Updating Drivers:

  • If you haven’t updated your drivers for a long time, then there are high chances for the occurrence of the printer offline error.
  • Click on the Apple menu, and navigate to the System Preferences section.
  • Next, click on Software Update and install any software updates listed for your Oki printer.


Reinstalling Printer Drivers:

  • If updation has not solved the issue, then it is recommended to reinstall the printer drivers.
  • Visit the official website of the Oki printer.
  • From there, download and install the latest software and drivers for your printer. Once done, reboot the system,
Oki Printer Goes Offline On Mac


Resetting Mac Printing System:

  • If nothing really works out for you, you can reset the Mac printing system. First, click the Apple menu, and then click on System Preferences. Click on Printers & Scanners.
  • Right-click or hold control, click the blank space in the printer's list, and then click the Reset printing system. Click Reset to confirm the same.
  • If prompted, type in your Administrator Username and password, and then click OK.
  • Now, you can add your Oki printer to the list of printers.
  • We are sure that the above-stated steps would have helped you solve the Oki Printer Offline Mac issue.