Solved: Pantum Printer Offline Issue

Follow The Troubleshooting Steps

Is your Pantum Printer Offline on your computer? Check the connection between your printer and Windows computer because this might be due to a communication breakdown. Below are few solutions that may fix the offline issue. Go through the troubleshooting steps and bring your printer back online.


Visually check your printer status

  • First, check whether your printer is turned on. In case it is turned off, check the power cord and turn on your printer.
  • Next, verify the USB or wireless connection between your printer and computer.
  • Always use only a standard USB cable to connect your devices.
  • In case you have connected your printer and computer over a wireless network, place them close to your router.
  • Print a test page from the connected computer and check if your printer status changes.
  • If your Pantum printer is still offline, move on to the next solution.
Pantum Printer Offline

Continue with the following steps if the Pantum Printer Goes Offline even now.

Pantum Printer Goes Offline


 Disable Use Printer Offline

  • On your Windows computer, open Control Panel and click the Devices and Printers tab.
  • Right-click your printer’s icon and select the See what’s printing option.
  • Clear all the pending print jobs and click the Printer tab at the top-left corner.
  • Deselect the Use Printer Offline option from the drop-down list.
  • Now, check your printer’s status below its icon in the Control Panel window.
  • If necessary, restart your printer.


Set as default printer

  • Open Control Panel and click the Devices and Printers tab.
  • Locate your printer’s icon and check if there is a green checkmark on it.
  • If there is no green checkmark, right-click your printer icon and select the Set as default printer option.
  • This will fix Pantum printer offline issue.
Pantum Printer Keeps Going Offline
Pantum Printer Offline Fix


Restart Print Spooler

  • Open the Run command box by pressing Windows + R.
  • Type ‘services.msc’ in the Run dialog box and hit the Enter key.
  • Locate and right-click the Print Spooler service in the Services window.
  • Select the Restart option in the pop-up menu.
  • Close Windows Services and restart your computer. This should bring your printer back online.
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