How To Fix Pantum Printer Offline Mac Issue?

Steps to Get Pantum Printer Online On Mac

Even with today’s advancements in technology and equipment, computer and printer issues are still a frequent occurrence for many.

When you run an organization, there is nothing worse than receiving a message telling you that your printer is offline. It means your printer is having a hard time communicating with your computer. There can be simple to complex reasons for the occurrence of this issue, right from connectivity issues to a faulty printer. You need to perform several checks to rectify the offline printer issue that has occurred on your Pantum Printer. We’re here to help you fix your Pantum Printer Offline Mac issue.


Simple Steps To Solve Pantum Printer Offline Issue:

  • Look on to the basic checks, as these checks can solve the printer issue.
  • You need to look for any damage to your network cable connecting your printer to the router. If everything is perfect, try connecting your cables to alternative ports.
  • You can restart your Pantum printer and this can help the printer to pick up the connection.
  • Sometimes, document stuck in the printer queue can cause your Pantum Printer to go Offline. Try cleaning all your print jobs and restart your Pantum printer.
  • Align the paper properly in the printer. Check for any paper jams, as uneven or folded paper can cause jams in your printer.
  • Never miss to update the applications, including the printer software, on your Mac.
  • Go to your Mac computer, click the Apple menu and select Software Update to install the latest updates for your Pantum printer.
  • Select your printer from the list and try to print a document. Now check whether your printer is working or not.
  • Another way to fix the Pantum Printer keeps going Offline on Mac is to remove the printer from your Mac and install it again.
  • While reinstalling the printer, make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Follow all the above-stated steps, which will help you solve the Pantum printer Offline issue on Mac.
Pantum Printer Offline Mac

Continue with the following steps if the Pantum Printer Offline Mac even now.