Solved: Troubleshoot Ricoh Printer Offline Issue

Do Checks Initially:

Ricoh printers are known for providing high-quality printing and are easy-to-use machines. With the help of the Ricoh laser printer, you can perform multiple tasks like Scan, Print, Copy, and Fax. But at times, you might witness that the printer is offline. The main reason could be due to miscommunication between the printer and the network device (Here we are considering the iPhone).

Furthermore, due to internal errors, the printer might stop functioning or misbehave. If any print jobs are pending in the queue, it can lead to some technical glitches. Here we will provide various troubleshooting steps that will help you solve the Ricoh Printer Offline iPhone Issue.

Perform the following methods one-by-one until the error Ricoh Printer offline gets resolved.

Advance methods

Resolve The issue


Review The Printer Connections:

  • Power off the Ricoh printer and take off the power cable from the rear end of the printer.
  • Wait for a few minutes and press the power button to turn on the printer.
  • Wait patiently till the printer goes to an idle state.
  • Now check whether the printer is able to perform all the printer operations using wired and wireless connections.
  • If your printer supports Wi-Fi Direct, establish a connection between your printer and the iPhone wirelessly.
  • If the printer is able to do so, then you are good to go.
Ricoh Printer Offline iPhone


Some Of The Other Troubleshooting Steps:

Fix Ricoh Printer Offline iPhone
  • Remove and re-add the printer on your iPhone device.
  • Sometimes rebooting your iPhone will sort out the Ricoh Printer Offline iPhone issue.
  • Try power cycling the printer at least two to three times.
  • Look for any physical damage to the power cable.
  • Make sure that the Ethernet cable is firmly inserted.
  • Cross-verify that your router is emitting signals at regular intervals.
  • Also, make sure that the Ricoh printer, iPhone, and router are placed within the range with minimal to no interference.
  • Still, if you are unable to get out of the Ricoh Printer Keeps Going Offline On iPhone problem, you can contact our support team for more clarifications.
Solve Ricoh Printer Offline iPhone

Follow the methods as mentioned on this page. You will no longer face the Ricoh Printer Offline iPhone issue. If the issue persists, click the CALL button on this page. Our dedicated technical team will assist you through the troubleshooting procedure.